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GROWSOFT US INC, Since February 2013, we began this path with the purpose of contributing efficiently to our clients by offering the development and implementation of robust software solutions for the corporate market, adaptable to the needs of their different business units, as well as computer support and advice and consequently with this being your technological ally in a successful way.

Today we have a select group of satisfied customers and hundreds of successful installations that give us a solid position in the software market and thus exhibit our credentials of success and quality.

Our specialization focuses on Point Of Sale Systems (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), providing our clients all the necessary resources to successfully run their business in all areas.


To be the leading company in efficiency, precision and reliability with high quality standards, in the development and implementation of software solutions for your company.


Provide a software solution that guarantees efficiency, precision, reliability and quality in the service of our clients. Thus guaranteeing the return on investment.


• Commitment to our customers

• Professionalism

• Honesty

• Responsability

• Innovation


Our Solutions

Fixed Assets

They are the assets and rights that the company owns and that were not converted into cash for a fiscal period. This module facilitates the management and control of this accounting item, provides tracking of movements, locations, and the application of multiple types of depreciation and revaluation.

Inventory Control

Merchandise inventory is the detailed, ordered and valued list of the elements that make up the assets of a company. This module facilitates the management, monitoring and detailed control of the different inventory units in its different branches and warehouses.


Imports are the goods and services acquired abroad, and that must be transported to their destination of acquisition. This module facilitates the management and monitoring of imports, simplifying the liquidation process and paying in detail all the expenses involved in the process.


It is the process that a company uses to acquire goods or services. This module allows the planning of purchases based on historical consumption and sales variables or sales projections. Facilitating the follow-up from the approval of the purchase order to its reception and costing.

Accounts Receivable

are the legally enforceable claims of payment that an entity has for the delivery of goods or services provided in terms of credit. This module facilitates the management of pending payment documents, helping to visualize their expiration and analyzing the payment behavior of clients.

General Accounting

This discipline studies heritage and presents the results through accounting or financial statements. This module involves the analysis of the different (auxiliary) modules that affect the accounting process, for this the different modules download their records systematically and chronologically to the General Accounting module

Accounts Payable

They are the payment commitments of a debtor party, which appear as a result of a purchase of goods or services in terms of credit. This module facilitates the management of accounts payable, issues requests for checks or transfers and projects the payments to be made.


A payroll is the financial record that a business makes of its employees' wages, bonuses, and deductions. This module facilitates the management of payroll processes such as: registration of news, payroll calculation, payment of labor benefits, Contracts, legal and personalized reports.

Bank Control

This module facilitates the management of everything related to bank accounts and transactions. Allowing the issuance of checks, transfers, deposits and reconciliation with the information of the account statement of each bank.


It is the process that allows the transfer of rights to a third party over goods and/or services once the sale is closed. This module facilitates the management and control of the emissions of the different documents used to support the sales and returns processes.

Production and Costs

The cost of production is known as all those expenses that companies must face directly or indirectly, and that are necessary to be able to effectively produce their goods or services. This module is designed for the management and costing of production processes.

Aries POS

Aries POS


Aries POS: is a Point of Sales (POS) system, which has been specifically designed for retail. It offers a set of functionalities that will help you simplify the most critical daily tasks in the area of sales of any business. With a robust and easy-to-use platform, plus an administration solution that allows you to easily configure your application. This makes it a powerful and scalable work tool that offers a greater control over your business operations.


  • Billing by barcodes (Optional)
  • Discounts per line (Individual per item)
  • Discounts on the total billed
  • Pending sales
  • Multiple payment methods and multiple currencies
  • Management of credit sales
  • Cash registers (detailed breakdown of income)
  • Assignment of price list per customer
  • Member club management
  • Programming of discounts on date/time, with selection of products and/or clients
  • Conversion table for units of measure
  • Registration of purchases by supplier and/or products
  • Transfer of goods between warehouses or stores
  • Inventory control by location
  • Registration of quotes
  • Management of offers, combos and seasonal specials
  • Settlement of commissions by seller and stores
  • Profitability margin and profits per day, month and year

10 Advantages for your business

  • 1. Quick and easy installation and low maintenance
  • 2. Requires little user training
  • 3. Increase your productivity with the fastest system on the market
  • 4. Price adjustment in multiple currencies
  • 5. Detailed income information
  • 6. Modular and scalable, available in single-user or multi-user versions
  • 7. Easy to operate online or offline
  • 8. Integration with other systems
  • 9. Parameterizable options for security and billing control
  • 10. Management of printers and fiscal card

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